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The Average Time To Complete A Full Bathroom Remodel Is At Least 3 Weeks. (If You're Lucky).

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The Average Time To Install Our Premium-Quality Bathwrap System Is 1 Day. (Guaranteed. No Luck Necessary.)

Don’t let those remodeling shows on TV fool you—bathroom remodeling is a long, often stressful, process. While these shows make it seem like a full bathroom remodel takes just a matter of days, the reality is that it almost always takes at least 3 weeks.

So why, exactly, does a full bathroom remodel take so long?

There are many, many components of a full-scale bathroom remodel. We’re talking demolition (2 days), plumbing (2 days), electrical (1 day), drywall (3 days), insulation (1 day), tile work (3 days), cabinetry (1 day), flooring (2 days), fixtures (1 day), and everything else (another 5-10 days).

Oh… and none of this includes the time it takes for the contractor to order and receive all of the materials (this usually takes a few weeks), schedule your project’s timetable, and actually get to work on it. So by the time the contractor DOES get to work on your bathroom, you’re already weeks into the process… with weeks and weeks still to go.

And let’s not forget about the unforeseen circumstances that cause remodeling delays once the construction begins: The contractor has taken on too many jobs at once, and has to push back YOUR project to accommodate. Someone on the remodeling crew gets sick or injured, postponing your project’s completion. The contractor simply underestimated the time it would take to complete your remodel (this happens quite often). And so on.

Honestly… Why Put Yourself, Your Family, And 
Your Home Through All Of That?

With our special Bathwrap systems, you don’t have to. All of those time-sucking components of a “full” bathroom remodel? You can forget them—all of them.

Our bathroom-installation crew can install your Bathwrap system within one day. We also work hard to ensure the plumbing for your new bathroom project is done right, and done right away.

The Bottom Line: You can enjoy your new bathroom the very same day we start installing it. No project delays. No time-consuming demolition or plumbing or tile work. Just a beautiful new bathroom—within one day.

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1 Day Installation Timelapse