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Bathroom FAQ

Question List

Why Should I Choose Colorado Living For My Bathroom Project?

We install heavy-duty, low-maintenance Bathwraps that the perfect project for your needs, wants, AND budget. Our expert bathroom crew can install your new bath system in just one day. And once it’s installed, you enjoy almost ZERO maintenance and a product that’s GUARANTEED to last forever.

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What Kinds Of Bathroom Services Do You Specialize In?

We install one-day bathroom project called Bathwraps, which include premium tubs, showers, walk-in tubs, and tub-to-shower conversions. We offer a wide variety of styles, colors, options, and accessories, so it’s easy for you to find exactly what you want. Check out our Bathroom page to find out more.

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How Are Your Prices? Low? Medium? High?

We’re less expensive than a full tub-and-tile replacement, but cost more than a cheap tub-lining job. We deliver the absolute best VALUE for your dollar. If you’d like to know the specifics, read our “What’s The Right Price?” page.

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What Kind Of Warranty Do You Offer On Your Bathrooms?

In addition to our Money-Back Guarantee, our Bathwraps come with a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty. Bathwraps are already heavy duty and built to last for life, so our guarantees and warranties give you as much protection as you could ever ask for.

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Why Should I Choose A Bathwrap Over A “Full Scale” Bathroom Remodel?

Full bathroom remodeling is very costly, extremely time consuming, and almost never necessary. With one of our Bathwrap systems, you get to “re-beautify” your bathroom for a fraction of the cost and in one single day.

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How Much Will My Daily Routine Be Disrupted Throughout My Bathroom Remodel?

Pretty much none. We can complete your bathroom project in just one day. That means virtually zero mess and zero hassle, which is rare for a bathroom remodeling project.

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What Kind Of Upkeep Can I Expect With A Bathwrap?

Almost none. Yes, you’ll occasionally have to wipe off the soap-scum buildup and dirt that naturally accumulates in bathtubs. But Bathwraps contain Silver Shield, which is an exclusive silver-ion technology that resists mold growth. This makes your Bathwrap long lasting and low maintenance.

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If I Have A Question Or Concern During The Project, Will Someone Be Available To Talk To?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on being courteous and responsive. We believe an open line of communication between contractor and customer is crucial to ensuring a smooth, stress-free remodeling experience. We are always happy to answer any questions you have. ALWAYS.

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