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Want To Give Your Bathroom A Fresh Facelift?

Our Bathwraps Are The Perfect Solution.

Can Be Installed In One Day With ZERO Mess.
Costs Just A Fraction Of A “Full Gut” Bathroom Remodel.
Requires Virtually No Maintenance & Resists Mold And Mildew.

Let’s face it: Bathroom remodeling can be a nerve-racking process. Everyone has heard horror stories bathroom-remodeling projects gone wrong.

So if you’re concerned about the mess, aggravation, price, and the duration of remodeling your bathroom, then we’ve got good news for you—we’ve found a way to eliminate all those concerns. All of them.

The Secret Is Our No-Stress, Low-Maintenance, Budget-Friendly Bathwraps.

Bathwraps are the ultimate way to “re-beautify” your bathroom without completely gutting it and spending tens-of-thousands of dollars. Whether you need a Shower, Bathtub, Walk-In Tub, Tub-to-Shower Conversion, or Shower/Bathtub Liner, we can supply a world-class product with superior, lightning-quick installation.

Here are the details:

Beautiful Designs. Functional Styles.

Chose from hundreds of beautiful, rich colors and style options. We also offer dozens of accessories—soap dishes, corner caddies, seats, shelves, grab bars, foot pedestals, and more—to match your needs perfectly.

Low-Maintenance, Mold-Resistant Materials.

Bathwraps contain exclusive silver-ion technology called Silver Shield that resists microorganism growth, which makes them extremely easy to clean and low maintenance. Bathwraps are made of exceptional, ultra-durable materials that retain heat 30% longer than other bath materials and make your “wet area” waterproof.

Lifetime Guarantee… PLUS A Money-Back Guarantee.

Bathwraps are backed by a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty. On top of that, we at Colorado Living offer a Money-Back Guarantee. That’s peace-of-mind protection you’re not going to find with any other company or bathroom product.

One-Day Installation.

Our certified, expert bathroom-installation crew can be in and out of your home within one day. We also have a master plumber on staff to ensure the plumbing for your new bathroom project is done right, and done right away. The Bottom Line: You can enjoy your new bathroom the very same day we install it.

Interested In Updating Your Bathroom?

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom—within one day and at a fraction of the cost of a full bathroom remodel—look no further than Colorado Living. We offer the strongest warranties and our 0, 0, 0 Financing ensures you get your project at an investment that’s comfortable for you. Contact us to schedule a no-cost, no-pressure consultation. We would be honored to provide you with a quote and have the opportunity to earn your business.