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Looking For A “Battering-Ram” Tough,
“Alcatrez-Level” Secure, Beautiful Entry Door?

We Install It.

The quality of different entry-door brands is all over the map. Some are energy efficiency, but provide ZILTCH in the way of security features. Others look good, but are about as durable as a soggy piece of computer paper.

So we set out to find the door that’s got it all. Looks. Security. Durability. Energy Efficiency. And beyond.

Here’s what we found: One (and only one) entry door met our criteria. Stunning looks? Check. Super Secure? Check. Ultra Durable? Check. Energy Efficient? Check.

This door is manufactured by a company called ProVia. Here is why a ProVia entry door is the new door you want on your home:

Consume Less Energy. Save More Money.

ProVia doors are filled with thermally efficient foam and air-sealed with heavy-duty weather seals and magnets. ProVia doors are guaranteed not to leak air, and will cut your energy costs significantly every single year.

Maximum-Level Security.

With other door brands, the deadbolt rests inside the wood of the door jamb. This makes the door easy to break into if enough pressure is applied to the wood.

Every ProVia door is installed with a special metal security plate in the jamb. This makes the door much harder to break down because the deadbolt is not just in the wood of the jamb, but actually secured by steel. This gives you an extra peace of mind because your door is the ultimate barrier between intruders and your home.

As Durable As The Day Is Long.

Speaking of breaking down a door, ProVia tested the strength of their doors by slamming a 40-pound battering ram into the door from 12-feet away. The result? The doors didn’t budge.

Another test ProVia ran to prove the durability of its doors was constantly slamming the door shut. They found that you can slam a ProVia entry door a half-million times—as hard as you can—and it won’t damage the door’s integrity, strength, or looks.

Backed By A No-Strings Lifetime Warranty.

ProVia doors are backed by a non-prorated, unrestricted lifetime warranty. If a warranty problem occurs with your door—even 50 years from now—you’re fully protected, and never have to pay a single penny.

Immaculate Installation.

The best, most energy-efficient door in the world isn’t going to work if it’s improperly installed. Our craftsmen are factory trained, experienced EMPLOYEES—not subcontractors. We will install your doors with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Need A New Entry Door? Do This Next.

If you want a mega-durable, ultra-secure, beautiful new entry door—installed by factory-trained professionals—contact us today. We would be honored to provide you with an estimate and a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.