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Finally, A Sunroom Built For The Modern-Day Homeowner.

Handcrafted To Your Tastes & Budget.
A Current, Trendy Look To Meet Modern Style Standards.
Cutting-Edge Features Made Specifically For The Colorado Climate.

Step Up To The Sunroom Of The 21st Century.

While other types of remodeling projects have evolved for the 21st century, sunrooms have been stuck in the past. Most still have that unattractive boxy look from 50 years ago. They’re made piecemeal from parts that don’t look good or function well together. And they come from a pre-fab kit, so your options are extremely limited.

But there is one company that’s preventing sunrooms from being relegated to “time-capsule” status. A company that has developed a sunroom for the modern era and the modern homeowner. That company is Betterliving.

Betterliving has crafted a sunroom for today’s homes. No boxy, “plastic” look. No pre-fab parts. No outdated accessories. Betterliving sunrooms are custom built, totally modern, and feature cutting-edge accessories made specifically for climates like Colorado’s.

Here’s why Betterliving sunrooms—installed by factory-trained & certified Colorado craftsmen—are the best choice if you’re considering a sunroom.

Custom Built From The Ground Up.

Our expert Design Consultants will create a complete mockup of your sunroom and show you a 3D rendering of your project. You get to handpick every feature, every part, every aspect of your sunroom for a project that TRULY matches your tastes… and budget.

Every Part Works Together As A Whole.

Typical sunrooms often fail or leak in three specific areas: the base track, the roof receiver, and the front corners. Problems occur in these areas because most sunrooms parts aren’t built to work together. To eliminate this problem, every piece of a Betterliving sunroom is custom engineered to work together as a cohesive unit. This does away with typical sunrooms issues and ensures your sunroom will last a very long time.

Fantastic Features Like The Folding Glass Wall.

Betterliving sunrooms come with features that are made for the current homeowner. This includes the revolutionary Folding Glass Wall, which can open up your sunroom to the fresh Colorado outdoors in just seconds.

World-Class Craftsmanship.

We have over 150 years of combined remodeling experience, and we put it to good use. We use proven, time-tested installation processes. Our sunroom installers are expert craftsman who have trained directly in Betterliving’s sunroom facilities. And we always, always, always make sure to pull the proper permits and meet HOA requirements for our customers. Our goal is to ensure every detail is done ONCE, done RIGHT.

Ultra-Fast Installation!

Sunrooms made onsite can take weeks or months to be built in your front yard. Since every piece of a Betterliving sunroom is engineered to work together, it drastically cuts down the time it takes for us to install the sunroom on your home—most of our sunroom installations take only 2 to 5 days. And that’s without sacrificing one ounce of our renowned craftsmanship.

Considering A Sunroom? Contact Us Today.

If you’re looking for a sunroom that’s made for the modern day, consider a Betterliving sunroom installed by Colorado Living. When you hire us, you’re ensured a gorgeous, contemporary sunroom built with the finest quality craftsmanship. You’ll also be protected with Betterliving’s 50-Year Manufacturer Warranty, which is the longest in the sunroom industry. And our flexible financing and price guarantees ensure you get the hands-down best value for your hard-earned dollar.

So contact us today. We would be honored to discuss your sunroom project with you during a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

Betterliving Sunrooms

Industry Tested; Wife Approved.

Before I started installing Betterliving sunrooms, I researched dozens of sunroom brands. When I showed my wife the different types of sunrooms I was researching, she said, “I would NEVER let you put any of those on our home.”

And, honestly, I agreed with her. All of the sunrooms had similar (and disappointing) features. A boxy, plastic look. A design straight out of the 1950s. Accessories as outdated as the Ballroom Waltz.

I knew I had to find something better. Because if I won’t install it in my home, I’m certainly not going to install it in my customers’. So when I discovered Betterliving, I knew I had found the perfect sunroom. A gorgeous, contemporary look. State-of-the-art features that are actually USEFUL. Fully customized to the homeowner’s tastes.

Before I made the final decision on Betterliving sunrooms, however, they had to pass one last trial: The Wife Test. I showed my wife some photos of Betterliving sunrooms. She instantly said, “That’s the only sunroom I would ever allow on my home.” And that’s when I knew I had found the sunroom my customers deserve.

Matt Colligan

Sunrooms Colorado