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Window FAQ

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Why Should I Choose Colorado Living To Install My Windows?

We have 150 years of combined remodeling experience—more than pretty much every other local company put together. All of our installers train at our manufacturers’ facilities to become certified experts on the products. Our patented Dry-Fit Installation makes windows virtually water and air leak proof. Also, we install vinyl and wood windows that are ranked #1 in durability and energy efficiency, respectively.

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Why Did You Patent Your Window Installation?

We feel our way of installing windows is the right way. Instead of applying a thin line of caulk to the outside of the window, we add 4 layers of protection to ensure the sills of your windows will never leak. Find out more about our Dry-Fit Installation on our Windows page.

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What Types And Brands Of Windows Do You Install?

We are Colorado’s exclusive installer of the Simonton Impressions vinyl window, which has been ranked #1 in durability and energy efficiency for 4 years in a row. We also install Milgard’s Essence wood-composite window line because it’s the longest lasting, most energy-efficient wood window on the market.

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Why Do You Choose To Install Just Two Brands Of Windows?

We’ve researched dozens of window brands, and have concluded the two types of window we install are the absolute pinnacle in every category that’s important. Our windows will cut your energy costs more, last longer, and boost your curb appeal more than any other window on the market. Period.

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Aren't All Vinyl Windows The Same?

Not at all. Like anything else, you get what you pay for. You need to consider the type of glass being used, the insulating gas between the panes, the materials used in the frame, the coatings on the glass, and more.

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How Much Can I Save On My Energy Bills With New Windows?

Expect to save at least a few hundred dollars every year. If you’d like more details, check out our Windows “Miles-Per-Gallon” page.

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How Long Are Your Window Warranties?

Simonton windows come with a Double Lifetime Warranty, meaning it will transfer to the next owner should you decide to sell your home. Our wood windows are also backed by a TRUE Lifetime Warranty. Our window warranties also cover glass breakage. Please contact us if you’d like more details about our window warranties.

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Who Will Actually Install My Windows?

Our factory-trained and certified craftsmen will install your new windows with the greatest precision. Our installers are employees—not subcontractors—and are full accountable for the work they do.

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How Long Does A Window Installation Usually Take?

This depends on the size and scope of the project. But we can complete most jobs for an “average-sized” home in a day or two, including cleanup.

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Do You Offer Financing For Window Projects?

We sure do. Check out our Finance page for details on how we can make your window project fit comfortably within your budget.

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