Exclusive Mold-Proofing Technology & Heavy-Duty 
Materials Helps Prevent Mold Growth 
And Ensures Your Tub Or Shower Lasts For LIFE.

Practically ZERO Upkeep. Almost ZERO Maintenance. 
Just TOTAL, UTTER Enjoyment.

Let’s face it: Cleaning your bathroom and shower is AWFUL. It’s grimy. It’s grungy. It’s gross. Mold and scum fester in every nook, cranny, crack, and crevice of your shower/tub area, making it a total pain to clean. Not to mention a dirty shower area is more prone to water damage, which can create much bigger problems than routine cleanings.

Wouldn’t you like a shower or bathtub that you can “set and forget”?

That’s exactly the type of product we at Colorado Living specialize in. Our Bathwrap shower, tub, and liner systems are engineered to prevent the growth of the gross and grimy. Bathwraps contain exclusive silver-ion technology (silver ions are deadly to bacteria) called Silver Shield to resist microorganism growth. This makes your shower or tub virtually maintenance free and ridiculously easy to clean.

Additionally, Bathwraps are made with heavy-duty materials that not only ensure your tub or shower lasts for life, but also retain heat 30% longer than other bath materials. And if your Bathwrap system ever has a problem, you’re protected with a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty and our Money-Back Guarantee. That’s protection you can’t get with any other bath system on the market—guaranteed.

So if you’re looking for the lowest-maintenance, longest-lasting shower or tub on the market, you should strongly consider a Bathwrap. Contact us today, and we can give you a firsthand look at the benefits of a Bathwrap during a no-pressure, no-cost consultation. We would be honored to hear from you.

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