Our Quality Standards Are BRUTAL.

If A Product Is Not The Absolute Peak Of Innovation, Durability & Looks, We Flat-Out Refuse To Install It.

In Fact, Only A Handful Of Products Meet Our Standards. And Those 
Are The Only Products We Offer.

Remodeling contractors typically install 3 types of products: bad products, average products, and great products.

Which of these 3 do we install? None.

Instead, we choose to use superb, world-class, cutting-edge, ultra-efficient materials that last for LIFE. Sure, that sounds like a bold claim. But we’re confident our products are just that impressive.

Here’s a quick rundown of the products we install… and why they’re the only materials you want to use for your exterior remodel:


Our award-winning windows come from Simonton. For four years in a row, Simonton’s superior vinyl windows have been ranked #1 in energy efficiency, durability, and security. Windows we install come with a Lifetime Warranty that includes glass breakage.


We choose to install Mastic vinyl siding by PlyGem® because it holds up MUCH better in the Colorado elements than any other siding option. Mastic vinyl siding is beautiful, durable and can withstand 240 mile-per-hour winds. It has the longer life expectancy than brick, doesn’t dent or crack during hailstorms.


ProVia entry doors come in steel or fiberglass, and are hands-down the most secure, energy-efficient, and durable doors on the market. When you install a ProVia entry door on your home, you’ll cut your energy costs, keep you and your family secure, and boost your home’s curb appeal. ProVia doors also come with a non-prorated, unrestricted lifetime warranty for total your peace of mind.

The Bottom Line

We don’t sell these products because we cut a deal with the manufacturer or because they are the cheapest for us to install (they’re not). We use them because our decades of research and experience show they are the absolute top of the class. Sure, we could install products that cost us less. But that’s disrespectful to our customers. We don’t do “cheap” solutions—we do “supreme-quality, outstanding value” solutions that will last for life.