What Does "Experience You Can Trust" Really Mean?

During Our Time Serving Colorado Homeowners, We’ve…

  • Honed Our Craftsmanship To Highest Level,
  • Perfected Our Project Managing For A “Minimum-Stress” Remodel,
  • & Created A Nationally Renowned Customer Experience.

It’s well and good for remodelers to advertise the fact they have years of experience. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s pretty comforting for most homeowners when they know they’re hiring a company with a breadth of remodeling experience.

Here’s the problem, though…

“Years of experience” doesn’t necessarily mean “years of good experience.” For example, there are about 1,696 players in the NFL at any given time. The average career of an NFL player is 6 years. Honestly, how many of these players with 6 or more years of playing experience will make the Hall of Fame? Probably less than 3%.

This is comparable to the remodeling industry. Sure, plenty of contractors have years of experience. But how many of those contractors have refined their workmanship, improved their customer service, and really put to use their years of experience to become “Hall of Fame”-quality remodelers? Probably less than 3%.

At Colorado Living, we have over multiple generations of combined experience—more than many other local contractors put together. It’s an impressive stat we like to tout, but it’s not the triple-digit-years worth of experience that makes us stand out. It’s what we’ve learned in that time and how we’ve applied that to our business to deliver a “Hall-of-Fame”-worthy remodeling experience to you.

So if you’re looking for an exterior-remodeling contractor that doesn’t just have experience—but has embraced that experience to become a world-class remodeler—contact us today. We would be honored to discuss your project with you in person during a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

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