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Denver & Colorado Springs this Industry Is Jam-Packed With Energy-Efficient, 
Durable, Great-Looking Replacment Windows.

But Only Simonton Windows Are Worthy Of Our Patent Pending Dry-Fit Installation.


Patent Pending Dry-Fit Installation


Energy Star® Rated Windows


Custom Sizes & Designs


Double Lifetime Warranty

Let’s face it: Great replacement windows are pretty common these days. In fact, what would have been a “good” window 15 years ago is considered “average” at best by today’s standards.

But even though great replacement windows are plentiful nowadays, there are very few windows in Denver, Colorado Springs and the Fort Collins area that are spectacular in every category that counts. By that we mean windows that create an air-tight seal and cut energy costs by hundreds of dollars. We’re talking about windows that offer a LIFETIME of durability—not 10 or 15 years. We’re talking about windows that are independently rated the absolute top of the class year in and year out.

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What Is Dry-Fit Installation?

In our years of experience installing replacement windows, we’ve discovered that most contractors don’t pay much attention to protecting the sill before they install a window. The standard practice is to apply a small strip of caulk to the outside of the window, which creates a very weak line of defense against leaks. This caulk WILL lead to an eventual seal failure, leaving the structural framing exposed to costly water damage and mold.

Our Dry-Fit Installation eliminates leaking problems from the sill. Our process uses 4 layers of protection to prevent water from infiltrating the interior of your home. The first and most important layer is a special dam we create by incorporating the backer rod against the window sill. For layer 2, we cover this dam in a waterproof membrane made of rubberized asphalt adhesive based with a cross-laminated polyethylene top. Layer 3 involves capping the dam with aluminum coil to create a sloped sill pan that diverts water away from your home. Once we install, seal, and fasten the window from the inside, we seal the window from the outside for protection layer 4.


On top of all that, we use our Corner-Tech inserts at each of the bottom corners of the window whenever possible. The corners happen to be the biggest point of failure on a window installation The industry standard is to ignore the problem and do nothing. This is not acceptable to us, and that is why we have focused on a solution for this. By using the Corner-Tech inserts, we will eliminate any air or water infiltration at the biggest failure point on a window installation.

Our Dry-Fit Installation offers the best protection from window leaks. Period. But protecting from leaks isn’t the only superior component of our installation. Instead of the typical “rip & stick” method of installation other contractors use, we cut back the drywall return before inserting the window, we call this a Direct-Fit installation method. This makes for a much more professional installation, and looks better and lasts longer than the “normal” industry installation standard.



The Simonton® Impressions Series (Vinyl)

We’re the Colorado-exclusive installer of Simonton’s award-winning Impressions replacement windows. Simonton® vinyl windows have been rated #1 in durability and energy efficiency for multiple years in a row. Simonton® windows are tripled paned, weather sealed, and made with the most heavy-duty vinyl materials on the market. With Simonton® windows, you’ll boost your home’s curb appeal, cut your energy costs, and experience a lifetime of performance backed by a Double Lifetime Warranty (including glass breakage).